Better & Better Computer Services

Personal Computer support for professionals. Serving the needs of individual and small office computer users. Software installation, configuration, backup and training. Windows95, network and Internet setup.

If you are in need of small office or home office computer services, you have come to the right place.

We spend much more time than is healthy keeping on top of new hardware and software releases on a daily basis. Put our expertise to service for you. We can recommend the best software and hardware to address your needs. We configure software for simplified backup procedures and to make it a little easier to find your files.

Multi-Media, large disk drives, reduced memory prices and extremely powerful processors are very affordable these days. You no longer need to compromise on a fast, roomy and efficient computer system.

Our rates are very competitive;

We also offer Internet configuration support and will locate the best Internet Service Provider options for your needs. We can also provide setup and Web Page development at your request.

Custom means you pay for the features you need and use. You also avoid the problems associated with "pre-configured" systems that result in spending money on low grade hardware that must be updated (replaced) to fill your needs...

Serving the Trivalley Area for over a year.
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